Each fee will be on a case by case basis depending on the issues, the complexities involved, volume of paperwork and the length of hearing.

  • Highly competitive
  • Fixed fees in all cases

The fee will be set depending on your budget. The fee charged will depend upon the actual hearing involved as some hearings require substantially more work than others. An indication of fees that will be incurred in a case typical in nature, is set out below . VAT is payable on all fees.

What Case Involves Fee
Conference and advice pre-issue of proceedings.
(No fee for a conference in ongoing proceedings for which I have been booked)
For a first hearing, whether a financial dispute or child hearing – usually 6-12 weeks after issue £650 - £750
FDR in financial cases, about 3 months after the first hearing £1,500 -£2000
Final hearing (usually one day), financial or children, usually 3 months since the previous hearing £2,250 - £3,000

There will be no added costs such as emails or telephone advices. These are included in the fixed fee. Payment is made before each hearing takes place, usually about a month before. Please telephone for a discussion of your case and your budget, so an affordable fee can be negotiated. As soon as I have discussed the case with you I will then email you with a detailed breakdown of the fees I will charge.