Divorcing? – Can’t see your children? – Frightened by the size of the legal costs you are being quoted?

Whether it be financial complications upon the breakdown of your marriage or problems over where the children live and when contact happens, I am here to help you. Emotions run high with these types of cases and you need specialised advice and representation. Having over 26 years of experience in family law, I can offer you a highly personalised service that you do not find with most barristers. In particular:

  • You may telephone me for a free consultation about your case. I do not operate a 30 minutes policy and your time is then up.
  • If you retain me, then you can email and speak to me directly at your convenience, seven days a week, twelve hours a day, at no extra charge.
  • Fees that are considerably cheaper now that I have moved from a Chambers based practice with all the expenses attached thereto.
  • Fixed fees, not hourly rates, so you know exactly where you are. You will usually save substantial amounts of money by instructing me directly.
  • Flexible fees that are based upon your financial circumstances.