Clive I wanted to come back to you regarding your representing me in the recent residency hearing for my daughter. I appreciate the case had its difficulties in terms of historical issues which could have impacted on the outcome, but the clarity with which you advised we approached the case ensured that those issues were not allowed to blur current circumstances, and that focus remained on the best interests of my daughter. Your honesty and straight forward approach was realistic rather than inappropriately optimistic, and prepared me well for the hearing which fortunately went in my favour, with my daughter left in my care, which I have no doubt I have you to thank for.

Additionally, I appreciated your availability for advice throughout and timely responses to any emails, calls etc. with solid reasoning for me to consider, and clear advice given, yet with decisions left for me to make.

I hope this was something I never have to experience again, however should it prove necessary I hope you would accept the case again, as I know I could not be better represented.


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